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Technology, Project, Quality, Learning - Management Consulting

Technology supporting management decisions, workplace efficiencies, communication, tracking, morale


Project Management guiding expectations, satisfying customers, optimizing efforts, saving money, finishing what you start


Quality Management doing the right things the right way, ensuring customer satisfaction, eliminating rework, preventing problems


Learning, training, education, improvement, development, effectiveness, mentoring, coaching

About Us

Spanitz Consulting philosophy and approach
We make your needs our own

Since 1988, Spanitz Consulting has been helping businesses by providing project management, quality management, and management-support technology consulting and training.

Spanitz Consulting's expertise is in using existing technology to implement innovative and successful project strategies that provides sustained value.

We have worked with companies in many different industries - from local, state, and federal government, military, banking and investments, construction, health-care, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, retail and sales, and software development. We have also worked with non-profit and volunteer organizations.

* Teaching project & quality best practices
* Consulting on project & quality management
* Outside Eyes project evaluation
* Consulting on technology, software, hardware
* Courseware and curriculum development
* ISO 9000 QMS quality management system development & auditing

  • Investigate & Define

    Must-have v Nice-to-have ~ What is the goal ~ Complete v Success ~ Apply Best Practices

  • Plan

    Which approach: Waterfall, SDLC, SCRUM, Zagnoot, Method1+, Agile ~ Who, What, Where, When, Why, How much ~ Constraints ~ Boundaries ~ Opportunities

  • Manage & Control

    Track what, how, how often ~ Who needs to know what level of detail ~ Manage stakeholders & expectations

  • Quality & Continual Improvement

    QP, QA, QC, QI ~ ISO 900x ~ Standards & Best Practices ~ Reduce waste & reuse ~ Ensure ongoing progress & effectiveness


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