Spanitz Bros Sausage Co

Spanitz Brothers Sausage: I would be derelict not to mention and acknowledge this awesome sausage company that happens to have some name similarity to our efforts over here.

Spanitz Bros Sausage Co is based in the Detroit Area of Michigan. And, well, let’s let them tell you:

For sausage lovers, fresh pork sausage is the epitome of the art form. Yet truly great pork sausage is rare. So when Pete and Paul Spanitz got tired of the garden-variety sausage typically found in grocery stores, they decided to take matters into their own hands—literally. Together, they shared a vision: Become the world’s most popular sausage producers by crafting in small batches the world’s most outrageously good sausage from key ingredients initially sourced at Detroit’s Eastern Market.

In 2011, Paul passed away unexpectedly. Although devastated by the loss of his twin brother, Pete Spanitz was resolved. They would continue to strive toward their intrepid vision—Paul in spirit and Pete in the flesh. Crazy? Maybe. But check this out: Spanitz Bros. sausage just happens to be crazy delicious.

In the spirit of keeping Paul’s legacy alive, a part of every sale goes to benefit the Paul Spanitz Memorial Scholarship Fund in Lincoln Park, Michigan and a local animal shelter. Paul was a great teacher, person, animal lover, and occasional animal himself.

We here at Spanitz Consulting can vouch for the intense dedication this sausage company has for quality, ethical business practices, and providing great service. Oh, and the sausage is indeed crazy delicious.

Ironically, Spanitz Consulting has worked with many MBA folk that LOVE to talk about “making the sausage” and how executives don’t need to know how it is made, blah blah blah. Having first-hand knowledge of the sausage-making business, and seeing what quality really is, I have to argue that perhaps it is prudent to know a bit about the sausage, where it comes from, and how it is made. But don’t just take our word for it, check out their stuff over at

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